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Related post: Date: Wed, 19 Dec 2007 00:13:11 -0500 From: Vraxis Vraxis Subject: Pussyboy Chapter 10: What Pussyboy Didn't SeePussyboy Chapter 10 - What Pussyboy Didn't See...Hey Gang! Thanks for all your continued support for this story series. I've LOVED all the e-mail from my readers, especially those in foreign countries! It's great to hear from everyone.While the main Pussyboy storyline is continuing, I thought I'd sneak a little "mini-episode" in that explores some slightly different angles. It's written in a slightly different style, so I hope you enjoy it. Please let me know what you think!As usual, let me restate the basics. This story is FICTION, and I don't condone pedophilia in any way. This is a work of fantasy that explores taboo themes, because it's safer to explore those themes here in the fake world of the Internet than in the real world, where this kind of behavior is just plain wrong. 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Well, here's your shot muthafucka!"It was true; the young man (named Anthony) was Pussyboy's friend for several years. When they were both younger, Anthony used to come over to Pussyboy's house to play pretend games like cops and robbers and re-enact episodes of the "Super Friends." Of course, lolita nude piucture free Anthony was several years older than Pussyboy, but he liked to play with the young man. Now, that play had taken a decidedly more adult turn.He looked loli girl hot beauties down at his young friend; covered in sweat and practically unconscious while another black man savagely fucked his exposed ass. 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But his asshole loved the feel of Anthony's sweet cock inside him. sex tour cambodia lolita His friend's cock felt so wonderful inside him, and truth was, Pussyboy had nursed a crush on Anthony for many years, but did nothing about it. Now, his friend was inside him, and things couldn't be better."Oh fuck me, Anthony. Please fuck me. I love you!"That was all Anthony needed to hear. He quickly mounted the bed, lifting the boy's ass up a little bit, then bent over to kiss Pussyboy on the lips as he fucked him. Light and Thug might as well not have been there. The two young men kissed nude lolitas sun bbs each other passionately as Anthony's cock continued to skewer the boy, trying different positions and depths as Anthony preteen lolita kdz pics tried to get his young friend to orgasm. This was not what Light had in mind, so he quickly moved over to Anthony and tapped his shoulder."OK motherfucker. lolita bbs top lists Time to let us back in. You two can fucking go on a date later. 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Quickly, Light repositioned himself under Pussyboy and made the boy sit down on his cock. Moaning, Pussyboy started to ride Light's dick like a cowboy, pushing back on the meat and tweaking his own angles to hit different spots inside him. Light motioned Anthony over. "Come on, you can fuck him too. His pussy can take two, I've seen it."Anthony slowly came up young nude lolita beauties to the boy, watching Light's cock slip in and out of him. Whatever romantic thoughts he had entertained were now lolita's tight sweet cunt washed away. His friend was a white cockslut, nothing more. He pushed his cockhead against the boy's asshole and slipped his cock alongside Light's constantly thrusting fuckmeat.Pussyboy groaned at the double penetration and looked back to Anthony's grim face. "I've wanted you for so long.""You like that dick in your naked illegal lolita sex ass baby?" Anthony asked, as he struggled to keep up with Light's loli hentai 3d hot fuckpace. "You wanted this hot black cock up your pussy? All you had to do was ask."Light smacked Pussyboy's ass. "Let your friend fuck you, slut. Take his cock, bitch! young lolas micro bikini Ride these two cocks fucking your slut ass! Fuckin' slutty white bitch! "Thug came up and stood above Light's head, pointing his cock into Pussyboy's bouncing mouth. "Swallow this cock, bitch!" he said, pulling the boy's head onto his meat. The cock tasted like lube and spent cum, and thick jaw-breakingly thick cock was stretching Pussyboy's mouth to its limits."Yeah, bitch, you're stuffed with dick now, ain't ya?" Thug crowed, slamming his thick black cock at a faster pace into the overloaded white bottom. "Takin' on three brothas at ONCE!" he continued, grabbing onto Pussyboy's head with both hands and pushing him further onto his cock. Pussyboy's ass was quickly turning into a slimy mess. The pistoning action of the two cocks punching into his ass was quickly churning the cumloads inside him into frothy goo that was oozing out of his ass and onto the crotches of Light and Anthony. Young Anthony was at once appalled and aroused by the disgusting foam, but he continued to fuck the sweet boyhole of his young friend. Truth is, he was starting to plan for his next encounter with Pussyboy, when hopefully they would be alone and he would have a chance to explore the boy's body and limits in private. But for now, feeling the hot moist hole and watching the boy handle three black cocks and moaning the entire time was enough to keep him satisfied. Light couldn't handle it anymore. This was his triumph. He'd heard Dark talk about the cute little lolitas posing sex he'd had with this youngster for weeks now, how hot his pussy was, how dirty the boy could get, how good it felt to fuck his mouth and ass over and over. And now Light knew for himself. What's more, he'd proven he could get a group of brothers together to give the little slut a good time too. "This is just the beginning," Light thought. "I'm gonna claim this little pussy for myself."Thug wished he'd brought a camera to capture some of the crazy shit going on around him. He felt another cum-load lolita preteen gallery directory building up. He started to moan, then pulled his cock out of the young slut's mouth. He lined his dick up and shot four thick, milky cumshots onto the boy's face and outstretched tongue. "Yeah, bitch, I'm japan lolita girl gallery cumming all over your face! God DAMN, you's a slutty bitch! Taking all that cock, doing anything a hardcore amature lolita teenies black man tells your ass to do! Nasty bitch, nasty cum-covered bitch!" Then he started to smear the load all over the boy's flushed face.That pictures unique lolitas sex sent both Anthony and Light into their orgasms. 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I haven't been over to your house in a while, guess I'm gonna have to visit more often."Thug was ready to go pretty quickly. It was just another gangbang with another white slut. All white boys were sluts for black cock, but this one was so young! He wanted to get out of here real lolita girls naked before things had a chance to go wrong. He waved at the little slut, then got the hell out of there.Light got dressed, then quickly got some supplies together to clean the little cumdump up. After letting Anthony out of the house, he went back to catch Pussyboy jerking his cock off onto 11 14 lolitas bbs his chest, his fingers diddling his asshole the entire time."That was really hot," the slutboy said."I'm glad you thought so," Light replied, offering the boy a glass xxx young lolitas teens filled with what appeared to be water. "Here, drink this, you'll need it to get better after all the crazy shit you've done today!" The boy took the glass and drank the contents down greedily. He let Light clean him up with a bunch of wet washcloths and towels, taking special interest in the cum froth that had come out of him. He'd never seen anything like that, and wondered just how much cum had been inside him to make that kind of mess.But fairly quickly, the boy got very tired again. Light said that was only natural, considering all lolita bbs hot movies the sex he'd had. euro lolitia nymphet pics "Just 6 12 lolita pussy lay cute angels lola pre down a minute, you'll feel better."Pussyboy put his head onto Steven's pillow again, and in very short order he was unconscious again. Light looked at the boy asleep on the bed, freshly cleaned ass up in the air, all sweet and unspoiled and without any post-fuck cum froth anywhere to be found. He smiled. It was like nothing had ever happened.He closed the door and went to the bathroom to shower the sex-stink hottest lolita toplist bbs off of himself. As he lathered and washed, he smiled and planned his next little playdate with Pussyboy.What did you think of the story! tiny lolita teen porn Write me at and let me know what you think!
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